English Newspapers

There are many newspapers in the UK. England has some of the most newspapers that are read across the world every day. English newspapers have long history being impartial but some newspapers are more known for being left and right wing newspapers. Some newspapers in UK have long heritage. Newspapers in UK cover news from international news development to local news, politics, sports, economic news and even religious news. All the aspects of life and politics around the world are covered by English newspapers. The Guardian is one of the most prominent newspapers which was founded in 1821 and still very popular. The Guardian is known for its liberal and left-wing view. Another newspaper the Observer is affiliated to the Guardian as well.

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UK Newspapers

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The Guardian Newspaper UK The Independent Newspaper Daily Mail Newspaper DailyMail Newspaper

The independent is another newspaper with big influence in the British society. The independent was founded in 1986 and published by Independent Digital News & Media Ltd. It is currently owned by two Russian businessmen.
Daily mail is another English newspaper which was founded in 1896 and owned by Daily Mail and General Trust. Daily Mail is currently the most circulated newspaper in the UK. Daily Mail is known in the news readers as a right wing newspaper.
Daily Telegraph is another Broadsheet and online newspaper from the UK. It has a large reader base and it’s renowned for its investigative journalism.
The Economist is a weekly magazine very famous for its views and news on international politics and current affairs. The Economist was first published in 1843. It has reader from around the world. This is one of the most famous online English magazines as well.

The Economist Newspaper The Sun Newspaper Financial Times Newspaper The Times Newspaper

Financial Times is a daily newspaper that focuses on business and financial affairs. It is very popular among people in business and money market. This is an international newspaper with readers across the globe. Financial Times circulated as a broadsheet newspaper and has digital version.
The Times is another newspaper from London which also has readers up and down the country. First published in 1785, The Times it one of the oldest newspapers in UK. It’s owned by the Times Newspaper UK.
The Sun is the most popular tabloid newspapers in the UK. The Sun was founded in 1964. Currently The Sun is the second most circulated newspaper in UK.

Daily Express Newspaper Metro Newspaper Evening Standard Newspaper CityAM Newspaper

There are many other influential newspapers in UK including DailyStar, Daily Mirror and others. There are also free newspapers, which are given out daily for free especially in London which, also have great influence on mass people. Evening Standard and Metro are some example of it. All these newspapers we have mentioned on this page have their online presence and you should be able to read digital version of it and follow them on tweeter or facebook for breaking news. There are also local and regional newspapers in the UK for example a very popular newspaper in Scotland is Scotsman.

So if you are interested in reading English newspapers from the UK, please follow links from the list above.